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  • Can I place an order over the phone ?
    Yes, You can view all of our supplier catalogues under BRANDS and TROPHY / AWARD CATALOGUES on our website menu . List your style codes, colour and sizes and give us a call. If a logo is required you can upload your design or we can simply run your existing logo if we have it on file already. If you need assistance choosing garments we are happy to assist you over the phone also.
  • What are your Payment Terms ?
    All orders require a 50% deposit of the total order price or full payment prior to ordering any garments, trophies awards or promotional goods, unless an alternate arrangement has been made with Egonamia. Full payment must be made prior to , or on collection Payments may be securely made via Paypal, Direct Bank Deposit or Cash On Delivery or collection,. Please see handy links on our payments page for Direct Deposit details and Paypal Checkout We have NO EFTPOS facilities on our premises.
  • What is a Set-Up Charge ?
    Each individual job requires a varied mount of time to be spent setting up machines, materials and equipment to run your custom design. Your design may and normally does require artwork to be created to get your design to the embroidery, engraving, screen printing or cutting stage. Most of these fees are a Once-of fee, screen printing being an exception. You will be made aware of these fees pior to going ahead with the order, and we will be more than happy to explain these if they are required.
  • What is a Digitizing Fee ?
    This Fee applies to Computerised Engraving & Embroidery A digitizing fee is a once-of set up fee to have your custom embroidery design converted into an embroidery or engraving file. Our machines require instructions, information regarding stitches or lines, colour , when to stop and start etc. A poorly created digitisation can be extremely troublesome, which is why we ONLY use trusted, proven and skilled atristic digitizers to create our embroidery and engraving files. If you place an order using the same embroidery or engraving file in the future, you will not have to pay this fee again. However, if you have it resized or altered there MAY be an extra editing fee. Depending on the individual custom design some designs can be resized or adjusted very easily , though some require the creation of a completely alternate stitch / line type and sequence.
  • Can I collect my Order ?
    Yes, Please understand that our work premises is also on the same property as our private premises so notification prior to collection is necessary. We also offer a local pick up and delivery service free of charge on orders over $800. Smaller items can be delivered for a fee depending on location.
  • Will Egomania Embroider my own items bought elsewhere ?
    Yes, if you have garments which you would like to have embtroidered we are happy to do that. Pricing will completely depend on quantities and time spent processing the garments. Please note : During the embroidery process , very rarely, but occasionally , mishaps can happen. We are dealing with machinery that may drop a spot of oil, or catch the fabric and damage a garment. If you supply a garment and one of these mishaps happen we will not be responsible for the replacement garment, this includes christening gowns, stoles and heir looms, etc. and is embroidered at your own risk. Please know that absolute care is taken whether it is your garment or ours. If we supply the garment, and one of these mishaps occur, you will not even know about it, and your order will be complete and hassle free. From time to time items cannot be embroidered. Customers will often ask if we can embroider teddy bears, bags , car seat covers and personal items. If we can physically manouvre the item to fit into our frames which hold the item in place throughout the process safely we will do our best to accomodate you.
  • How can I send Egonamia my file attachments ?
    1. Send your designs or file via email ( , or you can upload them from our contact page message form. For the Most Accurate quotations 1. Attach your files in the following formats. jpg, bmp, pdf, eps, cdr, gif or tif. 2. State your preferred decoration application, embroidery or print 3. List your the Brand and style codes, colours and quantities of each style. 4. Please ensure to leave your contact details including phone number.
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